I think one of the Most contributing factor in almost all 1st world countries is that they have achieved highly intellectual and technological strategies they use in combating crime and corruption.The people who actually do the job of combating crime majorly is the POLICE. The police represent the government and if the Police is not … Continue reading SHOULD KENYA POLICE WEAR BODY CAMERAS?



Man I can promise it was just some time recently that I sat down and thought about Survival in a cruel world like this and then actually realised that, to Survive,you have to do whatever it takes to survive,it does not have to be negative at all.Now here is where I open your eyes,Now to survive in harsh conditions, you either have to be SMART or LETHAL;Now Lethal won’t get you far ,but Being Smart over-powers everything else as it is more of an independent factor.You wanna know how CONMEN survive for a Long time,it’s because those fellas know how to make a lie seem true right in your face but digging DEEPER,you realise they create extreme Deep fakes to make everything look real,but it’s now covering their tracks like super Professional Assasins and focusing on the finer details that make ‘DEEP FAKES’.This photo am dropping looks so real but…

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Financial success on the surface level might look impossible but digging deeper its actually achievable as long as you find a niche where the prospective Customer's needs are far much greater than money such that money or amount of money is not an issue as Long as his Desired Needs are Met,and that's the niche … Continue reading THE SECRET ELEMENT